2023 Learning Tracks

Healthy Sexuality


Developing Biblical Sexual Formation in a Porn-entrenched Culture – teaching by Dr. Evan Marbury

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Let's Talk about Sex in the Normal Christian Marriage – teaching by Sandra Goforth

Youth Ministry


The 12 Trust Bridges for Raising Kids to be Lions, Lambs, and Lovers  – teaching by Adrian Hickmon, Ph.D


Reaching Youth with Messages on Sexuality - teaching by Tim Smith

Self & Soul Care


A Holistic Approach to Leadership Health and Integrity– teaching by Jorge and Danisa Suarez


Forgiveness Among Us: For Self, Others, and as Professionals – teaching by Seth Harris


Be Refreshed! –facilitated by Steve and Jamie Wiechmann


Aligning our Hearts to His – facilitated by Mary Ann Otley

Clinical sessions

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Being Sober is Not Enough: Defining the Next Step in Problematic Sexual Behavior Recovery – teaching by Eddie Capparucci

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"So, what next?": Navigating the Later Levels of Betrayal Recovery for Couples - teaching by Matthew Raabsmith and Joanna Raabsmith

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Building Empathy, Rebuilding Trust – teaching by Michelle Powell


Divorce Is Not a Dirty Word - teaching by Andrea Rogers

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Shame: What Is Its Role in Recovery, Betrayal, and the Relationship – teaching by Troy Snyder and Jake Porter

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Protector or Predator? Addressing The Harm Of Deceptive Sexuality – teaching by Darrell Brazzell