Sexuality & the Church in America

Research Overview

Sexuality & the Church in America is a series of reports examining how churches and their leaders are addressing today's vital sexual, relational, and spiritual challenges. These reports are based on research conducted by Barna  among 410 Protestant senior pastors in October, 2017. With this research we sought to learn:

How are pastors responding to sexual challenges within the Church?

What are pastors doing to create a culture of sexual wholeness in their churches?

How do pastors’ personal experiences with sexual brokenness impact their ministry?

What do pastors believe is the proper role of the Church on sexual issues in society?

We intend these reports to help churches, para-church ministries, pastors, and other Christian leaders to more effectively address sexual matters and compassionately and intentionally serve people in need both within and outside their churches.

Public Reports

Sexuality & the Church in America is a collaborative research project led by Sexual Integrity Leaders, along with Covenant Eyes and 23 other organizations dedicated to serving individuals in need, strengthening and protecting families, equipping churches to share the truth about sexuality with love, and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the culture.

Collaborating organizations

Sexual Integrity Leaders

Focus on the Family

American Family Association

Massachusetts Family Institute

Restored Hope Network

Family Institute of Connecticut

The Family Foundation

New Yorker's Family Research Foundation

TrueNorth Freedom Project

Be Broken Ministries

Wisconsin Family Action

Concordia Publishing House

Delaware Strong Families

Hawaii Family Forum

Nathan Project

California Family Council

Changing Lanes Ministries

Covenant Eyes

Josh McDowell Ministries

Regeneration Ministries

Love and Truth Network

Louisiana Family Forum

Enough is Enough

Wisconsin Family Council

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia