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For the past three years, SILS has existed as an all-volunteer community. However, based on the overwhelming positive response we’ve received for our events and the deep hunger so many of us have for being in a tribe of our own, we need to build a bigger and better SILS.

Starting in 2020 we plan to offer year-round programming to better serve pastors, ministry leaders, and parents, in addition to hosting our annual summit. We are working to build a SILS Society to carry on and expand the great work that we’ve started with your help.

Now we need your help once again.

Your gift of any amount will help us transition from a part-time volunteer effort to a stable and strategic organization equipped to meet the needs of its members and prepared to meet the challenges facing churches and families today.

You’ve already made a difference and you can do so again! Thank you for considering us in your year-end giving. All donations are being handled by our ministry partner The Brushfires Foundation. Brushfires is a 501(c)3) non-profit and your donations are tax-deductible according to federal law.

Ministry Review


Inaugural Leadership Summit in San Antonio. More than 135 ministry leaders, pastors, counselors and coaches from around the United States gathered to collectively brainstorm how to better engage churches on the vital topic of sexuality. Through host speakers, table discussions, breakout speakers, worship, and personal conversations we were reminded of the great need in churches today and were encouraged that there is an army of individuals and ministries ready to embrace this challenge.


Inaugural equipping summit in Atlanta. More than 175 pastors, church staff, ministry leaders, and engaged Christians came to learn what they can do in their churches and communities to foster healing, growth, and intentional training on sexual issues. Again we were reminded of the great need and the desire of these many leaders for a tribe of their own.


Formed Executive Leadership Team and Advisory Board. We adopted a new leadership structure to manage and expand the work of SILS. The Executive Team consists of Daniel Weiss of Brushfires Foundation, Deb Brazzel of Leading Connected, and John Fort of Be Broken. The Advisory Board members also include Troy Haas of HopeQuest, Garry Ingraham of Love and Truth Network, Anne Kerr of TrueNorth Freedom Project, and Jonathan Daugherty of Be Broken.

Current & Future Programming

SILS 2021

We are currently planning our second equipping and third overall summit to be held in San Antonio in 2021. This event will again feature speakers offering overarching vision for the Church as well as provide practical, take-action steps for Christian leaders ready to address sexual issues with compassion and biblical truth.

Sexual Wholeness Church Assessment

This original survey tool was developed based on input from SILS 2018 attendees. Designed to accurately measure a congregation’s ability to pursue an intentional sexual integrity process, the survey features separate questions for pastors, church staff and lay leaders, and congregation members. The assessment is currently being field tested and should be ready for launch in 2020.

Sexual Integrity Leadership Society

We are developing a long-term ministry model that offers new ways for SILS members to stay engaged year-round. This association-based ministry will provide ongoing training to SILS members, reduced fees for SILS events, opportunities to network and brainstorm with other leaders in the field, and many more offerings. The Society is scheduled to launch in stages starting in 2020.

Thank you for this vital support

Hours: M-F 8am-5pm (Central Time)
Telephone: (920) 389-1871