2024 Learning Tracks

Healthy Sexuality


The Genesis of Gender - teaching by Bill Donaghy

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Sex, Singleness, and Spirituality: Recapturing a Biblical-Psychological Appreciation for the Uncoupled - teaching by Jake Porter

Healthy Churches

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Insights From Betrayed Partners' Experiences with the Church – teaching by Cat Etherington

Barb and Lyschel

Trauma, Betrayal, and Sexual Infidelity in the Faith Community: Developing Trauma-informed Responses - teaching by Barb Steffens and Lyschel Burket

Trish portrait 2023

Illuminating Best Practices for Sexual Assault Disclosures - teaching by Trish Propson

Healthy Youth


Care for the Parent Hurt by a Child’s Porn Use  – teaching by Barb Winters


Empowering the Adolescent Recovery Journey from Pornography & Sexual Addiction - teaching by Blake Brinkman

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Reaching them Sooner: Incorporating a Prevention and Education Strategy across Church Ministries -- teaching by Lori Kuykendall

Soul Care

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Experiencing Jesus in Your Story –facilitated by Dr. Carol Tanksley

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Information Recess: A Space to Breathe – facilitated by Steve and Jamie Wiechman

tom and mary ann

Drawing Near to God and Allowing Him to Speak in Times of Adversity – facilitated by Tom and Mary Ann Otley

LGBT Issues


The Power of Identity in Christ to Reframe LGBT Experience – teaching by Elizabeth Woning


What Do We Mean When We Talk about 'Change?'

Responding to Pro-Gay Readings of Scripture

– teachings by Joe Dallas

Anne Edward

Sexuality and Gender from a Design Standpoint – teaching by Anne Edwards

Collaborative Learning Lab

John Fort

Barriers to Healing and Recovery We May be Missing -- facilitated by John Fort

Clinical Sessions

Stacey in Office

Choosing to Heal after Betrayal -- teaching by Stacey Sadler Smith

rupture panel

Rupture and Repair: How to Identify, Assess, Navigate and Repair when Rupture Happens - with Jake Porter,  Joanna and Matthew Raabsmith, Ella Hutchinson, Eddie Capparucci, and Troy Snyder (Panel Discussion)

SMoore headshot

Male and Female Sex Addiction Contrasts, Dopamine, Co-Occurring Addictions & Yada - teaching by Sue Moore

boa caparucci

The Hidden Triggers of Addiction and the Impact of Childhood Trauma – teaching by Eddie Capparucci and Drew Boa

Joy’s pictures!

Sexual Shame in Christian Women & How to Experience Freedom – teaching by Joy Skarka


Adult Children of Sex Addiction and Betrayal Trauma: The Ebb and Flow of the Web that Grows – teaching by Carly Pool

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Is Everybody Addicted to Something? – teaching by Eddie Capparucci


Attachment Trauma and Sex Addiction: Untangling Complex Stories – teaching by Matt Wenger